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Makerere University COVAB in collaboration with University Medical Center of Göttingen and the University of Khartoum has launched a new project.. Please read More

Summer School Students Sampling in Queen Elizabeth National

Covab Students  During their field work

CoVAB Students together with Mississippi State University students collecting samples from a darted elephant at Queen Elizabeth National Park during their field work. Read More......

The East African Regional Phage Laboratory Training

The East African Religional Phage Labaratory Training at CoVAB

The East African Regional Phage Laboratory Training at CoVAB. Read More......                                                                                                                           .

COVAB receives a new Deputy Principal.

Members pose for a group phot during the CoVAB deputy handover ceremony on 21st July 2017 in the college E board room

Prof. Kabasa (middle), Prof. Majalija, Dr. Nakavuma, together with Deans and Heads of Departments, and other Support Staff pose for a group photo during the CoVAB Deputy Principal's handover ceremony on 21st July 2017 in the college E-board room. Read More....


trypanosomParticipants in the ICAT 7 study pose for a group photo during a closing ceremony in the
Ruth Keesling Centre- COVAB on 25th August, 2

The Seventh International Training Course on (ICAT 7) was hosted by the College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity from 7th to 25th August, 2017.

This training was organized by Makerere University as part of the training courses developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Association against Trypanosomiasis in Africa (ATA) to meet the need in human resources to combat the disease in the field.

ICAT 7 was a follow-up of previous similar courses that took place in Marseilles in 2000 (ICAT 1), Lyon in 2001 (ICAT 2), Lisbon in 2003 (ICAT 3), Tunis in 2005 (ICAT 4), Nairobi in 2009 (ICAT 5), and Kinshasa in 2014 (ICAT 6).

majalijaThe Deputy Principal- COVAB, Prof. Majalija, making remarks on the ICAT 7 study during a closing
ceremony at the Ruth Keesling Center-COVAB.

Similar to preceding courses, the objective of ICAT 7 was to raise interest and provide knowledge in African Trypanosomiasis among doctors, veterinarians, scientists, and other staff responsible for disease surveillance and control.

It also aimed at improving knowledge and skills of staff working in national control programmes or NGO’s involved in disease control. This study’s major expectation was to increase awareness of the younger staff to the obstacle the disease represents for the development of the rural population of Africa through teaching and providing them with essential knowledge about the disease itself, its epidemiology and treatment.

ICAT 7 consequently constituted another step in Trypanosomiasis training for the new staff involved in surveillance, control and research and it was aimed at establishing a link between the new comers in the field of sleeping sickness and those who have worked in this area for many years trying to better understand the disease, find solutions to field problems and improve patient management.

The teaching staff were selected among the most experienced individuals in the different areas of programme implementation which ranges from the parasite and the disease, through the vector, to programme administration and management.

group pikSome of the participants in the ICAT 7 Study during the closing ceremony at the Ruth Keesling Center- COVAB.

The 3-week international course delivered in English and French was essential in passing on the present wealth of knowledge, skills and commitment onto critical mass of young staff in charge, in the endemic countries, of surveillance and control.

Applicants were selected from both the North and the South, with priority given to African practitioners and others who are working or will work in the field of Trypanosomiasis.

During the closing ceremony of this course, the Principal, Prof. John. D. Kabasa who was represented by the Deputy Principal, Prof. Samuel Majalija commended the participants for proving effort in combating Trypanosomiasis in Africa.

BBLT students in practical lesson

BBLT students in practical lesson. Read more.....

Commemorating the World Rabies DayCommemorating the World Rabies Day. Read More....

Participants warming up after the two races

CoVAB in the 2018 Mak Endowment Fund Run. Read More......